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Hot Springs

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

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Jerry Johnson is one of Idaho's most popular natural hot springs, and consists of three hot springs sources, each with their own soaking opportunities. Featuring pools with rock walls, some with sandy clear bottoms and some with silt. The 1st of 3 sources, known as the waterfall pools, are submerged until late summer (end of August), while the other 2 sources have pools that are available for soaking year-round.

Hours of Operation: 

Year Round

Zims Hot Springs

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Zims Hot Springs features outdoor pools fed by natural mineral water from an artesian well that is cooled by the waters of the Little Salmon River and treated with chlorine. The outdoor soaking pool maintains a temperature range of 103-106, while the outdoor swimming pool ranges between 90 and 100.

Zims Hot Springs Hours
Memorial Day-Labor Day:
9am-11pm daily
Winter: 10am-10pm
Closed Mondays except holidays