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Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you.

There are 2,401,771 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide.

Ready for a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt on your next hike, road trip or walking tour in North Central Idaho? So are we, let's go geocaching!!

Geocaches are containers, hidden in the wild (and sometimes not so wild) places on our planet, that you find using a GPS device or smartphone. They can stand alone or they can be part of a multi-cache scavenger hunt based on historical, wildlife or cultural themes, like 'Signal The Frog' near Orofino. Caches are great for getting kids into the outdoors and for letting roadtrippers stretch their legs a bit.

Traditional caches are containers with a log book so that Finders can sign in after they've found the cache, like [:] 'Up The Creek' near Grangeville[link]. Some caches also include items for trade; I once traded a stick pin for the neato green duck you see in upper left hand corner of this post. There are webcam caches to take your picture with and virtual caches, that are places you check-in to. Some caches have a Travel Bug attached to a trade item in the cache which can be tracked online. A note here: It is considered good manners to trade your Travel Bug back to another cache in a timely manner.

To find a geocache, you'll need its waypoint which is typically made of coordinates associated with longitude, latitude and occasionally altitude. Most caches list their waypoint on sites like but, you know the saying half the fun is getting there? Some caches will require you to solve a puzzle before you get the waypoint info, like 'Bridge Creek Campground' near Elk City. Either way, follow your GPS to the waypoint and you'll find your geocache!

You can learn more about Geocaching at both and

If you're ready to add a geocache hunt to your next North Central Idaho outing, you can find a list of caches near your destination or along your route by using this Google Map of North Central Idaho Geocaches. You can also preview the list of caches close to North Central Idaho towns at the end of this post, or you bookmark or download the pdf.
For Geocaching close to Grangeville Idaho