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  • scruffy

Keep in touch with all the animals on the ranch. Watch them grow! Here is scruffy he is a mule deer fawn that showed up on the ranch this past March. He comes to visit us just about every day. His horns are just started to pop up. I will keep updating as long as he keeps visiting.

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Heres an update on Scruffy - he makes himself at home when he comes into the house. Here he is meeting Thumper our new kitten. He sported a straw hat and scarf for the picture. He no longer looks scruffy as he has gained weight.


  • scarlet baby march 21 2013

Another baby colt on the ranch. Scarlett had a baby on March 22 2013. Another unexpected surprise. Mom and baby are doing great!

  • stormy big bertha baby feb 22 2013

New Colt on the Ranch. Big Bertha surprised us on Friday Febuary 22 with a new addition to the herd. Mirage is the father. Mom and baby are both doing fine. I will update pictures so we can all watch him grow. It is always so much fun to have new life at the lodge. Not sure what we will name the little guy - will post again as soon as he has a name. We have him at our neighbors where they have a barn that he will get some protection from the winter elements. If you are in the area and want to see him - just stop by the lodge and we will take you down to visit him. We imprint our fouls at the lodge and visit him every day to make that human contact.