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Things we want YOU to know about the lodge

  • sunset on the Summit

We have some of the best sunsets on the summit - a short 10 minute walk about 30 minutes before sunset. You are sure to see some of our resident deer and most likely some of the horses. Take your camera and get ready for some awesome pictures.

We are located in North Central Idaho and we are on PACIFIC TIME. Pleaes note that the time changes to Mountain time at Riggins Idaho which is about 30 minutes south of the Whitebird Summit Lodge.


  • DSC05292

WE have two dogs on the property. Dexter who is 8 years old and Hobo who is 1. Our dogs are very friendly and would love to meet you. These dogs are in the house with us.

  • shnorburt watching fish tank (2)

We have four cats on the property and they are inside/ outside cats. They are also very very friendly and love to cuddle.

  • babies on the summit very friendly

We have 14 horses on property and they are very friendly. We offer 1/2 day horse trail ride and full day horse trail rides out of the lodge every day. Make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance and bring a bag of apples - they will love you.

During the Summer Months we serve a full breakfast every day with all the trimmings. Terri will always have fresh fruit, different kinds of breads, yogurts, juices, coffee, teas and a main entree. During the winter months a continental breakfast is served.

The Bed ana Breakfast is filled with wonderful taxidermy displays from around the world. Frank and Terri will be more than happy to tell you their stories and explain what country the animals originated from. Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Alaska and the United States of America.

  • penny babe and goats

We have pot bellied pigs - Penny and Babe - they pretty much keep to themselves but you may see them going for a walk on the ranch. You might even be able to get Babe to sit for a treat. But we only feed them fruit and vegtables along with their special pig feed. Ask Terri for a carrot we always have them in stock.

  • chicken rooster (3)

We have many differant kinds of chickens and ducks that run FREE throughout the property. So if you are planning on bringing your pet - of course with advance reservations and notice to Terri - please make sure they are kind to our animals on the ranch. We do not want to see our guests or our animals stressed out.

  • fainting and lamancha goats

We have Fainting goats and Lamanchi goats that roam FREE in the front yard. We ask that the small children or big children to not chase the goats. We are trying to tame them and chasing the little baby goats just does not work for us. And again if you are bringing your pet - the goats are in the front yard.

  • mexican travel room (2)

We have 7 rooms at the lodge and all of them are differant with differant amenities. Please make sure to check out the discription of the room before booking with Terri or online. Always ask if you are not sure. We are always a click away.

We have two family rooms with multiple beds that can hold a family of 5 with children. These rooms have air conditioners and are great sleeping rooms as they have no windows and are very quiet rooms.

  • rafting salmon river idaho

The Salmon River and the entrance to Pittsburg landin on the Snake River in Hells Canyon  are minutes from the lodge and great for White Water rafting and exciting Jet boat tours. Ask Terri she can help you plan your trip on the water. These waters are great for family activities.

  • dexter with glasses

If you are planning on bringing your pet with you must read our pet policy on the website and make a reservation for your pet. With the many animals we have roaming free we must be assured for good behavior for everyones safety. An advance reservation is required and you could be turned away without advance notice - we can only allow one additional pet on the property each day.

  • view cat tails grangeville idaho

Check in time at the lodge is 3pm to 10pm Pacific time. If you plan on arriving early please set that up in advance with Terri. We run a hands on operation  I would like to assure the rooms are clean and open for our guests upon arrival. Please check with Terri for any early arrivals. For our guests that will be arriving after 10pm there will be an envelope at the front door with instructions as to where your rooms are. Please advise Terri that you will be arriving after 10pm pacific time.

  • frank terri Gospel Wilderness area Idaho

If we have not met up to your expectations we would like to know about it firsthand. We strive to make your stay enjoying and memorable. We have met so many great people over the years that we have touched in such a great way. If your touch was not what you expected, tell us and we will strive to make it better. We would like to make your stay as perfect as we can. Just let us know!